Case Study

Sodexo enables clients to benefit from 20 efficiency, cost reductions and increased reliability

Using ISO 55001, Sodexo, a leader in quality-of-life services, rolled out a best-practice model for asset management across numerous countries and industries.

Typical results of an asset management system include improved control of day-to-day activities and business efficiencies, reduction of risk-related costs, compliance in regulatory activities and reduced failure rates. The tangible results include a significant increase in profitability accompanied by a dramatic drop in unit cost.

Sodexo, leader in quality-of-life services, has become one of the first services provider to offer a global asset management service in compliance with ISO 55001. It has demonstrated increased benefit for its clients in the implementation of best-practice asset management, which include:

  • Operational efficiency through improved asset management planning of 20 %
  • Total cost of operation reductions of between 7 % and 12 % per annum
  • Increased reliability of asset infrastructure by between 10 % and 25 %

Full case study is available here

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