Standards, certification, testing, inspection and accreditation, help businesses to reduce costs, increase productivity and access new markets. This site provides the evidence through case studies and research.

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Standards, certification, testing, inspection and accreditation (collectively known as the Quality Infrastructure) help businesses of all sizes and sectors to reduce costs, limit their environmental impact, improve quality, access new market opportunities, and differentiate themselves from competitors.

To illustrate the value of the Quality Infrastructure and the services its organisations provide, this site includes case studies, research papers, and supporting materials that confirm these benefits for the business community. The examples published on the site cite tangible financial data to evidence the cost savings achieved whether through resource efficiency or meeting regulation at lower cost, the value of accessing new markets , or savings achieved through recognition from organisations such as insurers, regulators or purchasers.

The site has been developed by the organisations that make up the Quality Infrastructure represented by the BIPM, IAF, IEC, ILAC, ISO, ITC, ITU, OIML, UNECE, World Bank Group, WTO and UNIDO. It also inlcudes trade associations such as IIOC and IQNET.    

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Business Benefits

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