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Accredited testing of power cables supports reduction of transmission loss


Power grids lose nearly 8%, in transmission and distribution, of the power produced at the point of generation. Transmission losses in the UK equate to £1.1 bn annually and could account for as much as 7 425 000 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

A project to create a practical transmission cable using capacitative transfer is currently being carried out by the cable’s inventor Enertechnos and cable maker Eland. If successful it promises to significantly reduce power loss and cut carbon emissions in the UK transmission and distribution sectors. With over 60 million km of power distribution cable in use in the UK, of which 75% is over 25 years old, this technology could, potentially, deliver huge efficiency gains as the network is updated.

Eland Cables engineers at its cable test laboratory, which is accredited to ISO 17025, are currently developing prototypes, blending the CTS technology with existing cable manufacturing processes to create a product that will deliver the performance while meeting the standards and long-term requirements of a buried power distribution cable.

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