Case Study

Shoe manufacturer saves $8m with ISO 50001

KMK Global Sports is a large producer sport shoes and sandals based in Indonesia. On average, 1.2 million pairs of shoe and sandal are produced each month, with all of the finished product exported overseas.

Recognising rising energy costs, increasing energy use, and national energy efficiency regulation, the company adopted accredited certification to ISO 50001 to reduce its energy use.

Following certification, the energy use increased as the company grew, however the energy management system has helped to control energy usage. At the beginning of the energy program in 2007, the company produced 7.5 million pairs of shoes per year and used 24 Gwhe in energy. Over the next 5 years, production increased by 100% producing 15 million pairs of shoes, however energy consumption only increased by 25%.

The company made cumulative savings of US $ 8,789,585.71 million on energy efficiency from 2007 to the year 2015.

Further information is available in this factsheet on the Clean Energy Ministerial website.

Shoe manufacturer saves $8m with ISO 50001



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