ISO 9001 Accredited companies show better organisational performance than non-accredited (2015)

The purpose of this paper is firstly to investigate if ISO 9001 certified companies in Iran perform better than non-certified ISO 9001. Second, what is the main motivation of the manufacturing obtaining ISO 9001 certification, i.e., internal or external motivations. And finally, if ISO 9001 certified companies with high scores of internal motivations, show better levels of performance in comparison with certified companies obtaining low scores of internal motivations.

The paper confirms implementation of the ISO 9001 standard can help to improve an organisation’s processes, quality performance, and workmanship, and it addresses all internal and external factors that can impact quality workmanship.

The paper concludes, to gain the competitive advantage, and increase the market share, especially at international level, organisations should move toward total quality management (TQM) implementation and put organisational excellence models on top of their organisational agenda.



Valmohammadi, C., Kalantari, M. (2015), ‘The moderating effect of motivations on the relationship between obtaining ISO 9001 certification and organisational performance’, The TQM Journal, Vol. 27, Iss 5 pp.503-18.


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