ISO 9000 enhances organisation’s internal and external efficiency (2013)

This paper highlights the motivations, benefits and the barriers of ISO 9000 certification in Tunisia.

The study revealed improvements in conformance to specifications, fewer products returns and fewer customer complaints which led to customer satisfaction. Companies were able to retain a good reputation and image with their customers.

The result proves that firms perceived certification as a ‘credible signal’ of successful quality management practices, which ensures an improved company image. This demonstrates ISO 9000 enhances the organisation’s internal and external efficiency.

Overall the study concludes that Tunisian companies are more driven to seek ISO 9000 certification by external circumstances such as the suppliers’ relationships improvement and the market shares increase. Furthermore, the implementation results to increase of internal benefits such as reducing conflicts, increasing motivation and communication among the employees.


Kammoun, R., Aouni, B. (2013), ‘ISO 9000 adoption in Tunisia: experiences of certified companies’, Total Quality Management & Business Excellence, Vol. 24, Iss 3-4.

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