Excellence from ISO 9001 certified organisations in Cyprus (2007)

This report identifies ISO 9001’s contribution to the five enablers of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) excellence model (leadership, policy & strategy, partnerships & resources, human resources and management of processes). Research was conducted in Cypriot ISO 9001 certified organisations to evaluate the motives that lead them to certification, the difficulties they faced during the standards’ implementation and their performance improvement in the five enablers of the EFQM excellence model.


The results show improvement from ISO 9001 certification in key excellence areas. It also highlights the areas on which companies should focus after certification to improve their performance towards excellence.

The study concludes, for any organisational change to be successful, organisations must first fully realise the need for the change. They must be aware of the strengths, weaknesses and limitations of their current situation (ISO 9001). With the help of ISO 9001 companies become aware of these factors and are able to assess their potentials and desired future position.



Gotzamani, D.K., Tsiotras, D.G., Nicolaou, M., Nicolaides, A., Hadjiadamou, V.  (2007), ‘The contribution to excellence of ISO 9001: the case of certified organisations in Cyprus’, The TQM Magazine, Vol. 19, Iss 5 pp.388-402.

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