Environmental performance positive relationship with the operational performance for organisations with ISO 9001 (2015)

With the objective of testing the positive relationship between environmental performance and operational performance, this research presents the data of a survey conducted with 75 ISO 9001-certified Brazilian companies.

The papers results show a company with an ISO 9001 system, implementing environmental practices may be more favourable than firms without ISO 9001 system. This research also shows that managers pursuing a better firm operational performance may reinforce a firm’s performance by investing in environmental management and quality management.


Overall, the paper discovered that, indeed, environmental management relates in a positive,

significant manner and large effect to the operational performance of companies.




Chiappetta Jabbour, J.C., Pignatti de Freitas, T., Soubihia, F.D., Gunasekaran, A., Sousa Jabbour, L.B.A. (2015), ‘Green and competitive: empirical evidence from ISO 9001 certified Brazilian companies’, The TQM Journal, Vol. 27, Iss 1 pp.22-41.

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