Accreditation and certifications. Economic value and social benefits

This 2020 study, conducted by Accredia (the Italian accreditation body) in collaboration with Prometeia, shows the economic and social value of quality infrastructure in Italy. Along with encouraging awareness about the benefits of conformity assessment, it seeks to engender understanding about how the diffusion of conformity assessment instruments can be an opportunity for national growth.

The study examines the value of conformity assessment from various points of view: the characteristics of operators in the testing, inspection and certification (TIC) sector and its market size are defined, the benefits of TIC activities to the economic system are examined and quantified, and the social benefits of TIC activities are assessed in monetary terms. The study demonstrates a significant economic impact – between 2013 and 2018, the contribution of quality infrastructure to the Italian economy was calculated at 10.8 billion euros – as well as reduced social costs in the form of lower greenhouse gas emissions, fewer injuries and a lower rate of foodborne diseases.

Download the executive summary here.

Download the full study here.

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