Case Study

OEM parts supplier aims to increase revenue by US$200k with ISO 9001

Shogyo International, an OEM supplier of electronic parts experienced, has gained a positive impact from its certification to ISO 9001. The company, which is based in Syosset, NY, looked to adopt ISO 9001 certification due to many of their customers requesting the company be ISO 9001 certified to even bid on projects.

In the short term, the company gained the following benefits:

  • They were able to qualify for projects that they previously were not able to, and they no longer have to complete lengthy questionnaires, due to the certification.
  • They now have a better understanding of our nonconformities. When customers request corrective actions, they now understand the process.
  • They are also able to maintain better control on their vendor’s nonconformities. Managing nonconformities allows them to track and monitor trends.

Over the medium term, the company hope the certification will translate into over a $200k increase in sales volume. Given the reduction in their employees spending less time filling out long questionnaires during bids, they are already saving about $6,000 per year, enabling the business to recover their investment ISO 9001 certification in less than 2 years. They expect other savings will become apparent, as our system matures. Further information is available on the ISO 9001 group website.

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