Case Study

Laboratorio Tello increases its business by 50% thanks to ENAC accreditation (2018)

In 2012, Laboratorio Tello extended its ENAC accreditation in a number of areas directly related to the ‘olive oils analysis and its derivatives’. Following the accreditation of these new areas Laboratorio Tello clients have increased by almost 50%. In 2015, Laboratorio Tello further extended its scope to include ‘organoleptic assessment (i.e. smell and flavour) of olive oils’, which also achieved 56% increase in clients in that area.

Laboratorio Tello values the importance of ENAC accreditation, which as an organisation provides them and their clients with trust and confidence.

With more the 25 years in the food sector, Laboratorio Tello continues to improve quality service by working against high quality standards. The organisation’s key objective is to always guarantee the reliability of its analytical results to its clients, which is achieved with the support and recognition of ENAC accreditation.

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