Case Study

Dairy Producer saves 21% of energy costs, while increasing production by 42%

Darigold, a dairy and food processing company based in the United States, implemented an energy management system across their business which enabled them to make huge cost savings and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

Despite energy cost volatility and constantly changing utility rates, Darigold’s energy strategy has resulted in a 21% energy intensity reduction (BTU/lb) since 2001. Over the same period, production increased 42%, demonstrating that significant product efficiency improvements might be linked to the introduction of strategic energy management.

The following non-energy benefits can also be indirectly attributed to the introduction of their strategic energy management system:

  • Increased reliability: Replacing older equipment with new equipment typically increased reliability as well as efficiency.
  • Improved safety: Newer, more reliable equipment decreased the risk of work-related injuries associated with operating machinery.
  • Reduction in workforce turnover and increased morale: People were more engaged because they could contribute to a worthwhile cause. Everybody understood that saving energy is also good for the environment.

Further information is available in this factsheet on the Clean Energy Ministerial website.

Dairy Producer saves 21% of energy costs, while increasing production by 42%



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