Case Study

Brazilian Pharma reduces energy use by 30%

Baxter Healthcare employs over 1,200 employees across four sites in Brazil. The company manufactures blood transfusion dialysers, solutions for peritoneal dialysis, accessories for the administration of drugs and for drainage in peritoneal dialysis, and solutions or diluting and packaging medicines for pharmaceutical and veterinary companies.

The company has a culture of sustainability, and the implementation of ISO 50001 complements its goal of efficiency and resource conservation.

Since adoption of the energy management system, Baxter Brazil has enhanced its environmental performance by:

  • 100% power source comes from renewable sources;
  • Decreased water use by 24% indexed revenue;
  • Recycling 82% of waste generated from operations ;
  • Decreased energy use by 30.3 %
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions from product transportation by 31%
  • 1,194,103 Metric Ton CO2 emissions reduction
  • Total savings of USD$ 2,459,322.

Further information is available in this factsheet on the Clean Energy Ministerial website.

Brazilian Pharma reduces energy use by 30%




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