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Accredited vehicle inspections save society 815 EUR millions and over 133 lives per year


Research by the Motor Vehicles Security Institute (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid) regarding the “Contribution of driving vehicle inspection to road safety and environment” reveals that vehicle technical inspections, which must be accredited by ENAC (the Spanish Accreditation body) according to ISO 17020 as required in Royal Decree 920/2017, play a significant role in protecting the environment and citizen wellbeing.

In particular, the research points out that services provided by these accredited inspection entities prevent 133 deaths, nearly 12,000 wounded and at least 17,700 traffic accidents. Moreover, around 406 early deaths caused by exposure to air pollutants per year have also been prevented. In economic terms, the research highlights that, by preventing those casualties, vehicle technical inspection entities contribute around 330 EUR millions to road safety alone.

In total, society saves around 815 EUR millions due to vehicle technical inspections per year. This amount corresponds to accident costs and additional parameters, such as loss of value in involved vehicles, loss of goods, public road damage, emergency services costs, and time loss due to traffic jams caused by accidents.

To view the report research, please access the following link (in Spanish)

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