Case Study

Accreditation: Putting safety and interoperability on the right track

Ricardo plc is a global engineering and environmental consultancy, specialising in the transport and energy sectors.  The combination of two EU directives make it mandatory for organisations assessing the interoperability and safety of rail systems within the European rail sector to be accredited by a recognised national accreditation body, such as UKAS.

Ricardo Certification holds UKAS accreditation across a wide range of domains, including being a Notified Body, Designated Body and Assessment Body.  Together, these UKAS accreditations mean Ricardo Certification can perform a number of roles on any rail project that is required to comply with the relevant European Directives and related international and national technical standards and rules.

Owing to UKAS’ participation in multilateral equivalence recognition agreements, UKAS accreditation is recognised as meeting national accreditation requirements in over 90 economies across the world.  This helps to provide access to international market places and removes the need for re-assessment for companies with an international outlook.

You can read the full case study here.

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