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Accreditation helps LLC “Business Trend” to grow its work programme by 12.7%


LLC “Business Trend” is a Russian market leading company in inspection services and is a crucial part of all large-scale fuel and energy complex projects in Russia, as well as international projects such as Nord Stream, Nord Stream 2, Turkish Stream, South Stream and the “Power of Siberia”.

LLC “Business Trend” became the first Russian inspection company to achieve accreditation in accordance with requirements of ISO/IEC 17020, which was awarded by UKAS.

Accreditation in the field of inspection not only strengthened their position of the market leader of inspection services in the Russian market, but also on the back of the ILAC MRA, it provided the  opportunity to extend cooperation with overseas customers and enter into contracts for inspection services for such projects such as Nord Stream, Nord Stream 2, Turkish Stream, South Stream. Participation in these projects gave LLC “Business Trend” a 12.7% increase in average annual work volume.

LLC “Business Trend” has promoted the value of accredited inspection in the Russian Oil & Gas market, that PJSC “Gazprom” and “Intergazcert” now include a requirement for accreditation to ISO/IEC 17020.

Furtehr information is available on the UKAS website.

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